the coolest show on earth

You would definitely want to see the performance again, however, should never try to repeat it without our expert advice and guidance.

See for yourself!


Such a high level of performance has been made possible by competent people, who love their job. Our team consists of professionals: chemists, physicists and engineers. For many years, these people work hard to make our shows not only entertaining, but also very safe. 

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We have completed projects in UAE, China, Poland, Russia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Armenia and more than 30 cities of Russia – this is just a sample of the countries and cities we work in. International Web-based media have given Cryoeffect a lot of attention:

UK: «The collest show on Earth» (More →)

Indonesia: «Artnauka is one the bravest company to use liquid nitrogen, along with its danger and consequences, and turn it into an enjoyable show sans the risk» (More →)

USA: «Russian scientists take it(Science) to the streets and public spaces with their special brand of performance art» (More →)

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